Rockland Farmers Market+Steel House+Good Tern=your Saturday night!

Come out this Saturday night for the next Steel House dinner in support of the collaboration between the Rockland Farmers Market and the Good Tern Coop to bring EBT and Food Stamps to the market!

The Need To Know Info:

Steel House Supper

Saturday April 30th at 6pm

more info and purchase tix here:

The What We Are Raising Money For Info:

In 2016 the Good Tern Co-op is going to be facilitating EBT/SNAP transactions at the Rockland Farmer’s Market. This is the first time our local farmer’s market will have ever been able to provide this service to low income families, which is fantastic! We have decided to go a step beyond only providing EBT services and have also applied for a grant to offer Maine Harvest Bucks, which is a matching grant through the Food Insecurity Nourishment Incentive (FINI). What this grant allows us to do is to offer a 50% free incentive for fresh fruits and vegetables any purchase of local goods on EBT. So if someone buys $50 of products on EBT, we give them $25 to spend on fruits and veg at ZERO cost to the EBT user. It is going to make a massive difference for low income families, and may just be the difference between a mother buying fresh, healthy, local produce for her family, or going without. The Good Tern and Rockland Farmer’s market is raising funds to increase the amount that we can match on this grant.

What raised funds will do:

The USDA requires there to be an equal match for any funds they give towards Maine Harvest Bucks. We are allowed to count volunteer/staff time at a rate of $15 per hour as part of this fundraising, but this still leaves us a bit short of our goal of raising a total of $3000 for year one of this project.

We need to raise such a tiny amount, but this money is going to make a world of difference for many families throughout our community. We are very fortunate to have some fantastic partners in the Maine Farmland Trust, SNAPed, and the Maine Federation of Farmer’s Markets who are going to ensure that EBT services in year one not only go smoothly, but that we will have the support we need for education and outreach to the families we hope this project will impact.

Any additional funding will help us generate more matched funds, and offset the cost for Credit and Debit service fees, that will also be offered at the market.